Thursday, 24 May 2012

1 Year Anniversary

A year ago today I was on my way to Florida to start my job in Attractions for Walt Disneyworld. I miss it so much and was the absolute best experience of my life! Anyone who is reading this and is thinking of applying/ accepting; GO! You will have the greatest time of your life!

I miss everyone I worked and lived with, and it truely was the best job in the world!

Good news is I go back on Vacation in 2 days and I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

Lisa x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry for the unexpected leave of absence on the blog front but I have been so busy! I had all my coursework due in all the same day for University, my final exams, attended my graduation ball and moved out of my flat in Manchester! I've been home in Essex just over a week and its nice to relax! I decided to take the British Airways job, as much I as miss working for Disney I just feel I would constantly wish I was working back in the park, not on the cruise line.

I had my visa appointment in London on Wednesday and it seemed just yesterday I was there last year getting my Disney visa! I was all approved and now just waiting for my passport to return as I just booked another trip to Disney! But this time back to Walt Disneyworld Florida!!!

I'm so excited! It was such a last minute booking and got an amazing deal to stay at the Wyndham hotel at Lake Buena Vista, so right next to downtown Disney and right around the corner from where I used to live! Me and the boyfriend leave a week today and plan to pack in as much Disney as possible (and a quick trip to Universal as he loves marvel!).

So happy that some of the people I work with will still be there as I miss them all so much!

See you in a week Orlando!

Lisa x

Also heres some photos from my Graduation ball