Monday, 27 June 2011

Parents Visit

Had such a lovely time while the parents were visiting! Mum made us visit Magic Kingdom 4 times out of the 6 days we had in the parks, it was safe to say that it is still her favourite park! My step dad loved Epcot, maybe for the fact that you could get drunk while visiting! We did lots of shopping and I got 20 bikini's in Victoria Secrets (which is now my new favourite shop!). Wish they could of stayed longer as we didn't have time to do Universal!

Got a lot of time off this week so planning many nights out as I have yet to visit downtown Orlando. Also need to seriously start topping up my tan as it is already starting to fade! Also started to work in normal rotation and loving it! So glad I actually LOVE my job, lots of English people over here on the same program as me aren't enjoying themselves that much and quite a few have gone home, I'm just luky I'm having the time of my life! :)

Lisa x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Passed With Flying Colours!

Finished all my training this week and had my assessment today, which I passed with Flying Colours! My trainer Phillip Heller in Tomorrowland was the greatest teacher I've ever had anyone who is assigned with him will do wonderfully! Tomorrow I start my first full day without supervision and hopefully will go smoothly!

My parents arrived this weekend and spent the day in Magic Kingdom on Saturday before my shift it was the first time my Step Dad had been in a Disney park EVER so he really had a good time! This week we are planning to go Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Universal which should be fun even thought I can't go to Harry Potter world yet as my friend Ciara would kill me if I went there without her! 

Also want to make sure I finally go to the Florida Malls soon as I hear they are great and I'm in serious need of some retail therapy. Although everytime I enter a Disney merchandise shop (which is ALOT!) I can never leave without a purchase so I think I have filled a case which Disney stuff so far!! Also going to go on the Party bus to downtown Orlando soon which should be fun!

Heres a few photo's from the week!

Lisa x

Friday, 17 June 2011


Been some more very busy days started training in my position in Tomorrowland. I'm in the Stitch complex which means I'll be operating Stitch's Great Escape, Astro Orbitor and TTA (Tomorrowland Transport Authority- PeopleMover). TTA is definitely the most technical especially when an emergency stop is required (and it happens quite a bit!) I think astro orbitor and stitch may be my favourites but i enjoy them all so I'm very lucky I got a good location! The training is going well so far and have a very nice trainer called Phillip. Everyone loves my accent so far it just becomes a bit of a problem when I talk fast for my safety guidelines, i get a few confused looks! 

Other than training, which has been taking up most of my time! I have been still going to parks, mainly Magic Kingdom and my Mum and Step Dad arrive tomorrow so very excited about that!

Here's some photo's

Friday, 10 June 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Been so busy going to parks, going out and catching up with everyone! Been to Epcot to finally go to the Pavilions where France, Italy and the Uk are my favourites so far! Definitely need to go dine at the French restaurant it looks amazing! $90 for a 3 course meal, might need to do alot of shifts to afford that just yet! (Or wait until my Mum gets here!). Finally went on Soarin' which is a simulation where it feels you are flying over California, was definitely worth the wait and especially love the ending where you go over Disneyland in Anaheim. 

Watched a film in the French part where it shows you all over the Country and how lovely it looked, definitely has convinced me to do an extended trip there next summer. Also went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday night where it was happy hour and karaoke, had so much fun and definitely going back again!

Also went to Typhoon Lagoon which was incredible! Loved the flumes in the rafts and tubes! Crush Coaster was like a water flume/ roller-coaster/ log flume ride was very different and was the highlight of the day. 

Here's some photo's from the last few days

Lisa x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Things To Definitely Do In Your First 2 Weeks

Well I know a few people that are reading this are ready and waiting to start their ICP adventure so I thought I'd give a little list of things for them to do in their first 2 weeks here!

  • Go to Wal-Mart and buy lots of food that will last along time, as you will be a bit lighter in the money department in the next couple of weeks, so try not to buy all fresh food. Also buy bedding, towels, bath mats, scissors etc as they are not included at the apartment (but cutlery, pans and plates are!)
  • Make friends with your house mates, especially your room-mate as you'll need to co-operate with sleeping patterns, food, air conditioning and shower times! Also its nice to live with friends!
  • Nap/ Sleep as much as possible as it takes a while for you body to adjust to the time, heat and there's so much to do so make sure you sleep at any chance!
  • Have lots of fun in Traditions, the teachers are so much fun and make sure you head to the Company D store inside Disney University as they have some great items only cast members can purchase!
  • Go to the parks as soon as you get your Disney ID! This may sound obvious but also watch the fireworks/ shows/ parades in the first couple of weeks as you may be working near them and get bored of them soon. So watch them while you're still a newbie!
  • Drinks lots and lots of water! I'd say about double the amount you're drinking at the moment especially if you're like me and like to run around like an idiot in the parks! 
  • Go have as much fun as possible, as you'll be starting work soon and your hours will be different to all the new people you just met! So do some big group outings early on!

Lisa x

Epcot & Crazy Bus Driver!

Made it to Epcot today for a couple of hours and went on Test Track and Mission Space, they were both really good and worth the long wait times! Still need to do the Pavilion where there is a United Kingdom section for some fish and chips but I keep forgetting I'm here for 3 months and keep trying to cram everything in to one day! Also had the craziest bus driver on the way home! He literally nearly crashed 5 times and lost his way countless times, took double the time to get home, but everyone applauded when we FINALLY got home! 

Planning on going to Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow as I have yet to have visited a water park which should be good as you can swim with sharks there! Also made it to the gym which Chatham Square has and its open til 1am which is good for night owls like me! 

Going to do a list of things to do for the newbies that are coming out soon! But here's a few photo's of the last few days.

Lisa x