Thursday, 30 December 2010

50 Glorious Animated Films

Was thinking today I have yet to see Tangled, the latest Disney Animation (so I must watch it very soon!). Then I came across this fantastic video online:
Its great to see all the films together although, I did count and I have only seen 36 out of the 50! Think I need to catch up! (Well, I've seen those 36 about 100,000 times!). If I'm honest I thought there was more than 50! Well anyway, I thought I'd put my top 5 Disney Animated films on a list!

5. Pocahontas
Love the music and message of this film, also the animation and colours are mesmerising! The character Radcliffe would have to be one of my favourite Disney characters of all time and I love colours of the wind!

4. Hunchback of Notre Dame
The music is great is this film too! Love the heavens light/ hellsfire and Frollo has to be the meanest villian! The fact that this movie is in Paris could have something to do with its popularity to me!

3. Cinderella
Everyone loves a true fairytale romance and this one fits the bill for me! Cinderella has to be the most likeable princess and the whole movie is magical.
2. Nightmare Before Christmas
Not sure if this film quite fits into this category but its one of my favourites! I watch it every Christmas eve without and know all the lines and songs by heart.

1. Alice in Wonderland
My all time favourite Disney film! I love how smart, witty and curious she is! Best Disney movie in my eyes! The characters are brilliant and I have always loved the Lewis Carroll novel!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Just saw the Disney documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty after months of trying to track it down online! Its a closer look at the problems the Disney company overcame in the late 80's when people were losing interest in animated films. They brought in new management and managed to turn the company around and release some of the greatest Disney films of all time such as Beauty & the Beast and the Lion King. 

I thought the film was very good and highly recommend any Disney fan to watch it if they want a closer insight into the Walt Disney Company. There is great interviews on here from former CEO Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenburg. I found it a great watch and nearly loved it as much as I do the Pixar Story!

Heres the trailer

Lisa x

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Disney Traditions

Amazing Christmas Day! Got so many goodies including this Disney Traditions collectable statue (pictured below) which may now have started an addiction for collecting these as they are beautiful (and i'll be getting discount on Disney merchandise when I'm a cast member!), here's the website to all the others here!. My other presents were my plane tickets to and from Florida and I'm getting a camcorder next week so I can document my adventure better next year! 

Saw my 2 nieces and nephew and the rest of my step family, literally have eaten my weight in junk food today! Finally got to see the Princess & The Frog and I was very impressed, Disney Animation Studios have clearly looked into the archives and saw how the great animators made classic Disney films as the music and animation were amazing!

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Lisa x

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Having a lovely time with family! Its less than 6 months til Disney ICP now! Yay!

Lisa x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My New Obsession

Been completely glued to the Epic Mickey Wii game, the newest Disney adventure available for game consoles! Its absolutely brilliant! I love how the levels are a strange, dark version of disneyland! Like there's a level dedicated to "Its a small world", but the ride has gone wrong and all the music and ride are out of sync. I also love that the in-between levels are based on old Mickey Mouse cartoons such as Steamboat Willy.

Here's the opening of the game....

The best part of the game has to be the history of Disney that's included in the story, Disney addicts (like myself) will love it! The story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which everyone might not be familiar is the main focus of the game. Oswald was Walt Disney's first cartoon and was very successful, but as there was contract issues Walt found out it belonged to the company he was then working for so he decided to come up with an alternative character that he solely owned and that was Mickey Mouse! The story is basically that Oswald lives in a world surrounded by other forgotten Disney characters and resents Mickey for being popular. I've only done the first 7 levels (in 5 hours!) so far, but i love it & Oswald!

Lisa x

Monday, 20 December 2010

Disney Tunnels

Criminal Background Check

My CRB is all done and sent! Hopefully that'll come back soon and given the ok! Only thing, I am clearly a dummy and left my passport at Uni! Thank god Yummy Jobs its ok to send a photocopy the new year!

I am going to try and book my flight next week and I think I may just buy a one way ticket to Orlando as I don't know where I'm coming back from yet! My friend Ciara may be meeting me straight after my program so we can go to Miami, New York and her place in Fort Lauderdale, so I hope she can!

Need to go see Tangled and the new Tron film soon as they both look amazing! You can see the trailers here and here! I have also been looking at villas that maybe my friends and I are looking to rent in Ibiza in September and have found some amazing ones online & this one is my favourite so far!

Lisa x

Friday, 17 December 2010

All About Me

I realise some people reading this may not know me, so allow me to explain a little. I'm nearly 21 years old and from Frinton on sea, Essex (near Colchester). I am studying Event Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and loving it! I am a fresher, yes a 20 year old fresher! I have fantastic friends from home and that i have met at University, Hi if you're reading! 

I am a absolute, self confessed Disney Addict! I have been obsessed since I can remember! I have been to Disneyland California a couple of times and Disneyland Paris way more times than I can count! I was lucky enough to perform at Disneyland Paris in the parade and on the Fantasyland stage when I was 12! I have never been to Walt Disneyworld Florida, but that doesnt seem to matter any more as I'll be working and living there for 3 months starting May 24th 2010! I will be working in Attractions and I am so excited! My favourite rides are Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion and the Rock & Roller Coaster.

A few more random facts about me I love old movies from the 1930's, 40's and 50's, also I love listening to old music especially jazz and classical. I love to travel my favourite places (from where I have been) is Paris, Las Vegas & Ibiza. I plan to do much more travelling in the near future, my next must see places are New York, India & the south of France.

That's enough for now, although I do take questions about anything about my process for Disney College Program so feel free to email me at

Lisa x

Disney Video

SO Excited!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This Sounds Amazing!

New disney movie entitled 'Magic Kingdom' sounds like its basically a film based on the park! Check it out here!


Monday, 13 December 2010


So there is months and months to go, so what to do to keep yourself amused while you're so excited? Got to talking to the other ICPers about our HOODIES! Someone has already designed the logo (which is at the bottom of this post) and we plan on wearing them to the airport and to the meet in February in Birmingham!

Also started filling out my crb (criminal background check) and realised i have left my passport in Manchester (5 hours away!) so I plan on ringing Yummy Jobs tomorrow and I hope its not an issue!

Need to book my flights aswell, spoken to Josh, another ICPer and he wants to travel to the same places as me after the program so it looks like I've found a travel buddy already!

Lisa x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My 21st

Well I'm very excited to start planning for my 21st! My and my mum are going to LA & Las Vegas for 2 weeks in April! One thing is for sure I'm going back to Disneyland in California! Havent been there since I was 8 & can't wait to return! Want to make sure I'm a real Disney customer once more before I'm an employee, its just a shame my mum doesnt like the big rides!

Also learned of some very interesting news that i will be in Florida for the Cars 2 premiere and rumour has it Disney employees get to see films before the public, so I'll be extremely happy if that is true! Although it has come to my attention they may be construction on fantasyland while im there! Which, if it means its closed i will not be happy! Although the expansion does look AMAZING! Check it out here!

Lisa x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fellow ICPers!

Well since finding out I'm going to be a Disney cast member...... I haven't really done or talked about much else! I've managed to find some of the others that have been accepted on our Facebook group & in the discussion fourums! I recommend going on the wdwip forums if you're thinking of applying for the program or just want to talk to some other Disney fanatics! 

Ive met some great people on our Facebook group and can't wait to meet them all next summer! We've decided to get matching hoodies for the aiport so we can spot each other and also we are trying to fly out in groups so we can have people on the planes with us.

Now its looking for flight times! I am at this moment planning on staying after my program maybe to go to Miami and New York (hopefully) so lots of planning to do over christmas! Hopefully i can find some other icpers who want to do the same travelling as me that i can book with!

Thats all from me! I need to try and finish my essay asap!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm In!

I'm going to be a Disney Cast Member! I start on the 24th of May for 7 weeks I will be working in attractions! I'm so excited and can't wait to get to Florida!

The Process I Took To Get Me To This Point....

Hey everyone, I noticed a lot of people that do the ICP college summer program do blogs so I thought I'd do one as well! I thought I'd talk about my process in some detail so other people applying can have some info!
  • It first started when I saw a poster at my university and had a presentation by Nick from Yummy Jobs (the company that run it for Disney in the UK) the meeting was amazing and basically tells you all about the program! After ward if you were interested you left your CV and stayed around for an informal chat with 5 other people. They basically just asked why you wanted to do the program and answered any question you had
  • The next step was waiting for an email to see whether or not you got a phone interview (although I'm told not everyone has this stage, some people go straight to f2f). I found out I had a phone interview and had 2 weeks to prepare! Again its just a chat with someone from Yummy Jobs, it lasts around 15 minutes. Some advice I thought I'd add is make a little list before the interview of what you want to tell them and just really sell yourself!
  • Next I found out I had gotten to the face to face interviews in Liverpool, I was very nervous but excited to meet all the other people that applied. The day started off with a presentation of the accommodation, parks and perks! The 2 ladies that came from Disney world were lovely with very American accents! Then we were given our interview times and went in pairs. The interview was basically a chat and discussing why you wanted to do the program and why they should pick you. Again, just really sell yourself and make sure you tell them why they should pick you! As well as this you have to tell them what jobs you'd be interested in doing there and I suggest saying as many as possible as they are looking for flexible people!
  • The next bit is the absolute worst..... the wait! I had to wait over 3 weeks to hear and believe me it was torture! Its amazing once you hear and get all excited!
So that's basically my whole experience to this point! The main advice I could give to people applying is be yourself and make sure you tell them everything possible about yourself why they should pick you, its a very popular program and thousands apply so make sure you stick out for the good reasons!