Monday, 20 December 2010

Criminal Background Check

My CRB is all done and sent! Hopefully that'll come back soon and given the ok! Only thing, I am clearly a dummy and left my passport at Uni! Thank god Yummy Jobs its ok to send a photocopy the new year!

I am going to try and book my flight next week and I think I may just buy a one way ticket to Orlando as I don't know where I'm coming back from yet! My friend Ciara may be meeting me straight after my program so we can go to Miami, New York and her place in Fort Lauderdale, so I hope she can!

Need to go see Tangled and the new Tron film soon as they both look amazing! You can see the trailers here and here! I have also been looking at villas that maybe my friends and I are looking to rent in Ibiza in September and have found some amazing ones online & this one is my favourite so far!

Lisa x

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