Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Process I Took To Get Me To This Point....

Hey everyone, I noticed a lot of people that do the ICP college summer program do blogs so I thought I'd do one as well! I thought I'd talk about my process in some detail so other people applying can have some info!
  • It first started when I saw a poster at my university and had a presentation by Nick from Yummy Jobs (the company that run it for Disney in the UK) the meeting was amazing and basically tells you all about the program! After ward if you were interested you left your CV and stayed around for an informal chat with 5 other people. They basically just asked why you wanted to do the program and answered any question you had
  • The next step was waiting for an email to see whether or not you got a phone interview (although I'm told not everyone has this stage, some people go straight to f2f). I found out I had a phone interview and had 2 weeks to prepare! Again its just a chat with someone from Yummy Jobs, it lasts around 15 minutes. Some advice I thought I'd add is make a little list before the interview of what you want to tell them and just really sell yourself!
  • Next I found out I had gotten to the face to face interviews in Liverpool, I was very nervous but excited to meet all the other people that applied. The day started off with a presentation of the accommodation, parks and perks! The 2 ladies that came from Disney world were lovely with very American accents! Then we were given our interview times and went in pairs. The interview was basically a chat and discussing why you wanted to do the program and why they should pick you. Again, just really sell yourself and make sure you tell them why they should pick you! As well as this you have to tell them what jobs you'd be interested in doing there and I suggest saying as many as possible as they are looking for flexible people!
  • The next bit is the absolute worst..... the wait! I had to wait over 3 weeks to hear and believe me it was torture! Its amazing once you hear and get all excited!
So that's basically my whole experience to this point! The main advice I could give to people applying is be yourself and make sure you tell them everything possible about yourself why they should pick you, its a very popular program and thousands apply so make sure you stick out for the good reasons!

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