Friday, 17 December 2010

All About Me

I realise some people reading this may not know me, so allow me to explain a little. I'm nearly 21 years old and from Frinton on sea, Essex (near Colchester). I am studying Event Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and loving it! I am a fresher, yes a 20 year old fresher! I have fantastic friends from home and that i have met at University, Hi if you're reading! 

I am a absolute, self confessed Disney Addict! I have been obsessed since I can remember! I have been to Disneyland California a couple of times and Disneyland Paris way more times than I can count! I was lucky enough to perform at Disneyland Paris in the parade and on the Fantasyland stage when I was 12! I have never been to Walt Disneyworld Florida, but that doesnt seem to matter any more as I'll be working and living there for 3 months starting May 24th 2010! I will be working in Attractions and I am so excited! My favourite rides are Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion and the Rock & Roller Coaster.

A few more random facts about me I love old movies from the 1930's, 40's and 50's, also I love listening to old music especially jazz and classical. I love to travel my favourite places (from where I have been) is Paris, Las Vegas & Ibiza. I plan to do much more travelling in the near future, my next must see places are New York, India & the south of France.

That's enough for now, although I do take questions about anything about my process for Disney College Program so feel free to email me at

Lisa x

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