Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fellow ICPers!

Well since finding out I'm going to be a Disney cast member...... I haven't really done or talked about much else! I've managed to find some of the others that have been accepted on our Facebook group & in the discussion fourums! I recommend going on the wdwip forums if you're thinking of applying for the program or just want to talk to some other Disney fanatics! 

Ive met some great people on our Facebook group and can't wait to meet them all next summer! We've decided to get matching hoodies for the aiport so we can spot each other and also we are trying to fly out in groups so we can have people on the planes with us.

Now its looking for flight times! I am at this moment planning on staying after my program maybe to go to Miami and New York (hopefully) so lots of planning to do over christmas! Hopefully i can find some other icpers who want to do the same travelling as me that i can book with!

Thats all from me! I need to try and finish my essay asap!

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