Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My New Obsession

Been completely glued to the Epic Mickey Wii game, the newest Disney adventure available for game consoles! Its absolutely brilliant! I love how the levels are a strange, dark version of disneyland! Like there's a level dedicated to "Its a small world", but the ride has gone wrong and all the music and ride are out of sync. I also love that the in-between levels are based on old Mickey Mouse cartoons such as Steamboat Willy.

Here's the opening of the game....

The best part of the game has to be the history of Disney that's included in the story, Disney addicts (like myself) will love it! The story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which everyone might not be familiar is the main focus of the game. Oswald was Walt Disney's first cartoon and was very successful, but as there was contract issues Walt found out it belonged to the company he was then working for so he decided to come up with an alternative character that he solely owned and that was Mickey Mouse! The story is basically that Oswald lives in a world surrounded by other forgotten Disney characters and resents Mickey for being popular. I've only done the first 7 levels (in 5 hours!) so far, but i love it & Oswald!

Lisa x

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