Thursday, 30 December 2010

50 Glorious Animated Films

Was thinking today I have yet to see Tangled, the latest Disney Animation (so I must watch it very soon!). Then I came across this fantastic video online:
Its great to see all the films together although, I did count and I have only seen 36 out of the 50! Think I need to catch up! (Well, I've seen those 36 about 100,000 times!). If I'm honest I thought there was more than 50! Well anyway, I thought I'd put my top 5 Disney Animated films on a list!

5. Pocahontas
Love the music and message of this film, also the animation and colours are mesmerising! The character Radcliffe would have to be one of my favourite Disney characters of all time and I love colours of the wind!

4. Hunchback of Notre Dame
The music is great is this film too! Love the heavens light/ hellsfire and Frollo has to be the meanest villian! The fact that this movie is in Paris could have something to do with its popularity to me!

3. Cinderella
Everyone loves a true fairytale romance and this one fits the bill for me! Cinderella has to be the most likeable princess and the whole movie is magical.
2. Nightmare Before Christmas
Not sure if this film quite fits into this category but its one of my favourites! I watch it every Christmas eve without and know all the lines and songs by heart.

1. Alice in Wonderland
My all time favourite Disney film! I love how smart, witty and curious she is! Best Disney movie in my eyes! The characters are brilliant and I have always loved the Lewis Carroll novel!

Lisa x

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