Monday, 30 January 2012

Sarah's 21st

My friends and I all went out for my housemate Sarah's 21st birthday! We started off with some drinks at ours, then headed to the Hilton in Deansgate, Manchester to their Cloud 23 bar. The place was amazing! The view is basically of the whole of Manchester and is gorgeous to be there at night when the whole city is illuminated is beautiful! 

We then headed off to a club called Bijou which was good as there was a live saxophone player and great music. Of course we all got extremely drunk and had a great time! We are all out again tomorrow for Pout, which we go most Mondays then this weekend I'm off to Nottingham for my friend from home, Hannah's 22nd birthday celebrations! Thank god I've bought lots of new dresses!

Lisa x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

What I've Been Up To

Well its been around 2 weeks since I got back from Disneyland Paris for NYE and I'm back in Manchester at University. Its nice to back be up here with my flatmates (pictured above) as we've been going out for meals and planned lots of shopping trips. Unfortunately we all seem to have really bad timetables without the same mornings off so the nights out maybe less frequent :(. 

One more term until my exams and then I'm done for the summer! So far I have 3 holidays booked, lucky me! First off to Disneyland Paris in March/ April for my birthday trip with my Mum & Step Dad. Then off to Spain in late June with my flatmate Sarah as she has a place around 15 minutes from Marbella, so should be a great holiday of partying, drinking and sunbathing. Then 3 weeks l'm off to Ibiza with my friends from Essex! We all went together in 2010 so will be sort of a reunion as we all love it there! Also got to book flights to Ireland in September as my friend who travelled with me after my Disney College program, Ciara, her older sister Niamh is getting married there and I'm very excited as I've never been to Ireland; just hope the weathers nice! My other flatmate Hannah wants us to all go skiing at the end of the year, I've never been before but it sounds like fun to me!

Apart from that just got 1 essay, 1 portfolio and 2 reports to hand in mid March so I'm sure I'll be a hermit crab again from end of February! At least I have lots to look forward to, to get me through!

Lisa x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Disney California Adventure

In my last post I spoke about the various expansions and upgrades at the California, Florida and Paris park but apparently Disney California Adventure needs it own post as it sounds they are practically doubling the park!

As most of you will know, California Adventure opened right next to Disneyland in Anaheim to add new rides, allow more guests and just to basically have another park! Various rides and attractions reside there and many comparisons have been made to Hollywood Studios that is in Orlando. Anyway, it seem Disney are investing hugely having already opened the new Little Mermaid ride which you can see here but it looks like their not stopping there.

Here's a list of what is being proposed, although this is all subject to change!
So there seems to be alot going on in California and makes me feel the need to book a flight there as soon as possible! Also check out the MiceChat boards for other rumours surrounding the parks!

Lisa x

Friday, 13 January 2012

New Attractions Coming To The Parks

Was just reading these updates on new attractions coming to the parks which I thought I'd share with you all! Firstly, make sure you see the concept art for Cars Land in California which includes sneak peaks into the rides here! I'm not even the biggest Cars fan but this looks very interesting! Whenever I go to a Disney park theres always so much focus on the Princesses and Fantasyland is basically 'Girlsland' so it nice to have a dedicated area to the hugely successful Pixar film which I'm sure all the boys will love!

Next make sure you check out this interactive journey the Disney imagineers are slowly releasing at the Magic Kingdom in Florida here! Walt Disneyworld fans will see this is a very similar concept to the Kim Possible interactive game they have at Epcot, but this looks amazing! Any kind of Disney quest that involves everyone's favourite Disney characters and villains is sure to be a huge success! 

Also see the plans for the Valentines special of the Magic, Memories & You light show at the Magic Kingdom in the Florida park.

And lastly if you head over to DLRP today you can see all the plans and photo's of the expansion and updates that are going on at Disneyland Paris, click here! 

Lisa x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

David Burton Photography

Check out these fantastic photographs for Elle magazine by David Burton in the Disneyland Paris Park! Loving the one outside the Phantom Manor! You can see these here!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Disney In The News

Disneyland California's Matterhorn set to become the companies next big blockbuster

Disney's "Fantasy" Cruise liner ready to set sail later this month

The film "Maleficent" finally gets director and to star Angelina Jolie

Sunday, 8 January 2012

John Lasseter

I love John Lasseter, he is incredibly talented and nice man! He is now the CCO of the Walt Disney company after Disney bought Pixar in 2006, but of course he is the main Pixar man! Please check out this interview he did in Decemeber here! Enjoy!

Lisa x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

4th of July Fireworks

Finally found a good video of the finale of the 4th of July fireworks which I worked at and had the BEST view! Enjoy!

Lisa x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

World Of Color

Worth a flight to California alone! Love the music at the beginning, as they based it off the show Walt Disney did from the 1950's. Need to go back to see this! Enjoy!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Disney News

Disneyland Paris's Plans for their 20th Anniversary.

Disneyland California & Walt Disneyworld Orlando to stay open 24 hours on February 29th for leap year.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Disney Tumbr

Disneyland Paris On New Years Eve

As explained before, my friend Ciara & I decided to spend New Years Eve in Disneyland Paris and we had a whole 15 hours to do both the main park and Walt Disney's Studios. Considering we only had one we did incredibly well! The parks weren't busy at all (except Fantasyland) for most of the day, it was only really busy when everyone was securing their standing place for the fireworks!

Obviously, the highlights of the day were my favourite rides; Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion), Tower of Terror & Space Mountain! Managed to do a few rides twice and even got front row of the Once upon a dream parade (which happens to be my favourite parade of all the parks!). For some reason I always think that Disneyland Paris is so small, but its much bigger than the California Magic Kingdom just not as big as Orlando!

My favourite attractions would have to be Alice in Wonderland's maze in Fantasyland as its just like being in the cartoon and there is some great photo opportunities! I didn't get to do all the rides and shows I wanted to do, but that doesn't matter as I'm going back in March/ April for my birthday trip and we have 4 whole days to explore!

I had a fantastic time and always love visiting Disneyland Paris! Happy New Year everyone!

Lisa x

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Just came back from my long weekend in Paris! The first day we spent doing the sights of the city and spent a few hours in the Eiffel tower area which is where I found the best cake shop and finally got some delicious macarons which I have been craving for months! Unfortunately we didn't go up the tower as the queues where too long but I've been up many times before and I'm sure I'll be returning again many times!

Treated myself to some Rayban Wayfarers on the ferry over as they had the limited edition ones I wanted and were much cheaper than the airport! We also went to the Christmas markets which were very close to the Eiffel Tower and got some lovely rabbits fur gloves! We also had did a boat trip down the river Seine, past Notre Dame and Louvre Museum. We then retired back to the hotel in preparations for Disney the next day! 

Lisa x