Monday, 16 January 2012

What I've Been Up To

Well its been around 2 weeks since I got back from Disneyland Paris for NYE and I'm back in Manchester at University. Its nice to back be up here with my flatmates (pictured above) as we've been going out for meals and planned lots of shopping trips. Unfortunately we all seem to have really bad timetables without the same mornings off so the nights out maybe less frequent :(. 

One more term until my exams and then I'm done for the summer! So far I have 3 holidays booked, lucky me! First off to Disneyland Paris in March/ April for my birthday trip with my Mum & Step Dad. Then off to Spain in late June with my flatmate Sarah as she has a place around 15 minutes from Marbella, so should be a great holiday of partying, drinking and sunbathing. Then 3 weeks l'm off to Ibiza with my friends from Essex! We all went together in 2010 so will be sort of a reunion as we all love it there! Also got to book flights to Ireland in September as my friend who travelled with me after my Disney College program, Ciara, her older sister Niamh is getting married there and I'm very excited as I've never been to Ireland; just hope the weathers nice! My other flatmate Hannah wants us to all go skiing at the end of the year, I've never been before but it sounds like fun to me!

Apart from that just got 1 essay, 1 portfolio and 2 reports to hand in mid March so I'm sure I'll be a hermit crab again from end of February! At least I have lots to look forward to, to get me through!

Lisa x

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