Monday, 2 January 2012

Disneyland Paris On New Years Eve

As explained before, my friend Ciara & I decided to spend New Years Eve in Disneyland Paris and we had a whole 15 hours to do both the main park and Walt Disney's Studios. Considering we only had one we did incredibly well! The parks weren't busy at all (except Fantasyland) for most of the day, it was only really busy when everyone was securing their standing place for the fireworks!

Obviously, the highlights of the day were my favourite rides; Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion), Tower of Terror & Space Mountain! Managed to do a few rides twice and even got front row of the Once upon a dream parade (which happens to be my favourite parade of all the parks!). For some reason I always think that Disneyland Paris is so small, but its much bigger than the California Magic Kingdom just not as big as Orlando!

My favourite attractions would have to be Alice in Wonderland's maze in Fantasyland as its just like being in the cartoon and there is some great photo opportunities! I didn't get to do all the rides and shows I wanted to do, but that doesn't matter as I'm going back in March/ April for my birthday trip and we have 4 whole days to explore!

I had a fantastic time and always love visiting Disneyland Paris! Happy New Year everyone!

Lisa x

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