Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Epcot & Crazy Bus Driver!

Made it to Epcot today for a couple of hours and went on Test Track and Mission Space, they were both really good and worth the long wait times! Still need to do the Pavilion where there is a United Kingdom section for some fish and chips but I keep forgetting I'm here for 3 months and keep trying to cram everything in to one day! Also had the craziest bus driver on the way home! He literally nearly crashed 5 times and lost his way countless times, took double the time to get home, but everyone applauded when we FINALLY got home! 

Planning on going to Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow as I have yet to have visited a water park which should be good as you can swim with sharks there! Also made it to the gym which Chatham Square has and its open til 1am which is good for night owls like me! 

Going to do a list of things to do for the newbies that are coming out soon! But here's a few photo's of the last few days.

Lisa x

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