Friday, 10 June 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Been so busy going to parks, going out and catching up with everyone! Been to Epcot to finally go to the Pavilions where France, Italy and the Uk are my favourites so far! Definitely need to go dine at the French restaurant it looks amazing! $90 for a 3 course meal, might need to do alot of shifts to afford that just yet! (Or wait until my Mum gets here!). Finally went on Soarin' which is a simulation where it feels you are flying over California, was definitely worth the wait and especially love the ending where you go over Disneyland in Anaheim. 

Watched a film in the French part where it shows you all over the Country and how lovely it looked, definitely has convinced me to do an extended trip there next summer. Also went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday night where it was happy hour and karaoke, had so much fun and definitely going back again!

Also went to Typhoon Lagoon which was incredible! Loved the flumes in the rafts and tubes! Crush Coaster was like a water flume/ roller-coaster/ log flume ride was very different and was the highlight of the day. 

Here's some photo's from the last few days

Lisa x


  1. Ok, you modeling the Alice dress is just too cute

  2. Thank you! shame it didn't come in my size!