Monday, 20 June 2011

Passed With Flying Colours!

Finished all my training this week and had my assessment today, which I passed with Flying Colours! My trainer Phillip Heller in Tomorrowland was the greatest teacher I've ever had anyone who is assigned with him will do wonderfully! Tomorrow I start my first full day without supervision and hopefully will go smoothly!

My parents arrived this weekend and spent the day in Magic Kingdom on Saturday before my shift it was the first time my Step Dad had been in a Disney park EVER so he really had a good time! This week we are planning to go Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Universal which should be fun even thought I can't go to Harry Potter world yet as my friend Ciara would kill me if I went there without her! 

Also want to make sure I finally go to the Florida Malls soon as I hear they are great and I'm in serious need of some retail therapy. Although everytime I enter a Disney merchandise shop (which is ALOT!) I can never leave without a purchase so I think I have filled a case which Disney stuff so far!! Also going to go on the Party bus to downtown Orlando soon which should be fun!

Heres a few photo's from the week!

Lisa x

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