Friday, 18 March 2011


Been a while since I have done an update! Been trying to finish all my essays and reports so I can home a week early from Uni for easter. Only got one report left and 2 weeks to finish it, so very happy at the moment!

I had my Criminal Background check back and its all clear, which is nice! Also had my Disney pack arrive at home so my Mum is going to book my Visa appointment hopefully for May when I'm back from my Birthday Holiday. Also still have to sort out my Insurance which hopefully won't be too expensive!

Need to start booking hotels for when I've finished my program and doing some travelling with my friend Ciara! Need to book Miami, New York and Bahamas, so excited! 

Thats pretty much all on the update at the moment! Just over 8 weeks until I leave for Florida!!!! :)

Lisa x

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