Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Been very busy and slightly ill recently :( back at home in Essex for Easter break and off to Disneyland Paris tomorrow! Very excited to see the changes from New Year as they are celebrating 20 years of being open this year! They have already added some of the floats to the parade along with merchandise in the shops (which I'll be buying most of!).

Very excited to get there as we have 4 whole days to roam and do absolutely everything this time! Also, some other good news I have been offered a cabin crew job for British Airways so have a very hard decision to make whether to take that or Disney Cruise Line; and I have to decide very soon :(

Lisa x

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  1. Have fun in Disneyland Paris! Also, just choose what you love the most and will make you happy! It's not about money, but enjoyment and loving what you do. :)