Saturday, 28 May 2011

Disney Traditions & First Day In The Magic Kingdom!

Well its been a couple of busy days, barely had any sleep or spoken to anyone!   Started out in Disney Traditions yesterday afternoon and can't give too much away but it was so much fun learning even more about the company and Walt's legacy (although I know quite a lot already!). Our table/ team won the most of the prizes in the class and generally all had a great time exploring the Disney University which is filled with old memorabilia and a gift shop! 

After traditions we headed into the Magic Kingdom had a chilli cheese hot dog from Casey's on Main Street USA, then headed over to Tomorrowland (which I found out where I would be working) and went on Monsters Inc, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain and the People Mover. During all the there was a huge downpour of rain and hail as well as thunder and lighting so we thought it would be the perfect setting for the Haunted Mansion which is still one of my favourite rides! End of the day we went to the castle to see the new light/ projection show; Memories which was the best thing I have ever seen! It was amazing! Just in case none of you are planning a trip to Florida before October, don't watch it otherwise as it'll ruin the surprise, you can watch it here!

Then today was our first official day as Cast Members of Walt Disney World (the Magic Kingdom, to be precise) and we got to tour the Magic Kingdom before any of the guests were allowed in and found out some really interesting facts about the park (included on a later blog). Then I got taken over to Tomorrowland to get accustomed with my new home! I found out I would be operating the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (which is hilarious!) Buzz Lightyear, The Carousel of progress and Space Mountain! All in all, had a fantastic day but my feet are killing me!

Here's a few photos

Lisa x

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