Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I've Arrived!

Got here yesterday about 5pm, queues for passport control and baggage weren't too bad and I was the only person from the Disney UK group that didn't get taken in for questioning at the airport, clearly I don't look suspicious! We then got a coach to Vista Way housing and there was all Disney people to welcome us with Hersey's Kisses! We then got given our room numbers and where we were going to be staying and I have been placed at Chatham Square and its GORGEOUS! I'm sharing a flat with 2 English girls and 3 from Hong Kong. We then all made a trip to Wal Mart to stock up on some American Food :)

Today was an early start had to be at the Commons for 8am then had a loooooonng day of watching presentations and filling out forms, but at least we only have to do that once! Then the rest of the day I have been laying out by the pool with my flatmate! Then tonight we are off to Downtown Disney with all the UK group!

Here's a lovely photo of our pool!
Lisa x

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