Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Disney Books

Since leaving Orlando I have been purchasing Disney books on Amazon and eBay constantly! My 3 favourite purchases have been:

I got this one from Amazon (click here) and i LOVE it! It has sketches from most of the animated Disney classics that everyone loves. Its a rather thick and heavy book, and I have seen many sketches inside that I need to get framed to place around my room! Its a must for any Disney animation fan!

The next is this scrap book by Robert Tieman which you can buy here! It is fantastic! It dates alot of the important milestones in Disney's history and has CD, booklet, postcards and photo's that are replicas of original Disney work and also some personal items of Walts!

The last is this biography of Walt Disney, but I have yet to start it and my Mum wouldn't let me bring it to Uni as she thought it might distract me..... don't know where she'd get that idea from?

Lisa x

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