Sunday, 16 October 2011

Top 20 Disney Park Favourites

1: Favorite Park- 
This was a tough question! Obviously my favourite park is the Magic Kingdom; but what one! I love the castle at Disneyland Paris, Florida will always be my home away from home, but Disneyland California Magic Kingdom is so magical as its the first park and the only one Walt was alive to see so it is my favourite! 

2: Favorite Water Park
My favourite water park is Typhoon Lagoon (in Florida) I love the flumes, lazy river and Crush's coaster!

3: Favorite Hotel/Resort
My favourite hotel is the Grand Floridian, the hotel is so beautiful and its so close to the Magic Kingdom! 

 4: Favorite Ride (ever!) at Magic Kingdom
My favourite ride (in all locations) is the Haunted Mansion! They slightly differ from Florida, California and Paris but Florida is my favourite as for the interactive queue!

5: Favourite Ride at Hollywood Studios
My favourite ride at Hollywood Studios is the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. I love the whole theme, the cast members and the ride; its fantastic!

6: Favourite Ride at EPCOT
Favourite ride at Epcot is Test track, I love the whole theme, the queue and of course the speed!

7: Favourite Ride at Animal Kingdom
The best ride at Animal Kingdom is Exhibition Everest, make sure you get in the front row and hold on tight!

8: Favourite Show at Hollywood Studios
One Mans Dream at Hollywood Studios is the best show ever, it shows the whole story of Walt's life from birth up until the Florida project. I always get teary eyed watching this film but its definitely a must see!

9: Favourite Show at Animal Kingdom
Best show in Animal Kingdom is the Finding Nemo show. Its a live show with puppeteers and puppets, live singing and beautiful effects!

10: Favourite Restaurant at Magic Kingdom
Best restaurant in Magic Kingdom is the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square. I went there when my parents came to visit me and we had a traditional 4th of July meal and it was delicious! 

11: Favourite Restaurant at Hollywood Studios
Okay, okay its not a restaurant but its the best dessert shop ever! Over the summer I had candy apples, cupcakes, pretzels and more!

12: Favourite Restaurant at EPCOT
Best restaurant at Epcot is the Land (where Soarin' is) there is so much to choose from and my favourite was the California rolls and spicy tuna Sushi!

13: Favourite Restaurant at Animal Kingdom
Best restaurant in Animal Kingdom is Restaurantosaurus! Best hot-dogs and salad bar in Dinoland!

14: Favourite Land at Magic Kingdom
I maybe biased as I worked there all summer but of course its Tomorrowland! Everyone there is wonderful and I'll always have the best memories!

15: Favourite Country in EPCOT
Well of course its the United Kingdom! The Rose and Crown pub was the best place all summer for the Pimms and chips!

16: The Castle, Tree of Life, Sorcerors Hat, or Globe?
Who wouldn't pick the Castle?! Its only of the only sights that I find myself catching my breath when I see it and it NEVER gets old!

17: Best Roller-coaster
Rock n Roller coaster at Hollywood Studios is the best and thrilling ride in the parks! I love being the 'VIP' and getting off on the red carpet.

18: Scariest Ride
I was actually petrified on this ride! Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom is very jumpy, scary and thrilling! You have been warned!

19: Happiest Ride
The teacups of course! It always make me feel like a child again and of course the Alice in Wonderland music is my favourite!

20: Best Parade
Once upon a dream parade, Disneyland Paris.

Lisa x

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