Saturday, 1 October 2011


I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before on this blog, but I was offered to go work at Universal Studios this summer as well as Disney. Obviously, we all know what one I picked, but I was very curious to go see what the competition had to offer! Well for starters its much more thrill seeking, the rides are much bigger and faster which I really enjoyed! Harry Potter land inside Islands of Adventure was amazing, I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan (unlike my travel companion Ciara who went nuts over it!) but it was incredible! Loved the cartoon lands such as Popeye and Dr Suess, made me feel even more like a child than I already am!

Obviously being the HUGE Disney fan that I am and the fact I was an employee I couldn't help but spend the day constantly comparing it to Disney and feel like I made the right choice for my summer program but none the less I really enjoyed Universal and excited to go back one day!

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