Thursday, 24 November 2011

Disney Parks Background Music

As we all know when it comes to Disney parks, every detail is thought out with precision! What I love most (and notice everywhere) is the background music, its differentiates between the lands and parks to tie in with the theme. While working in Tomorrowland I would always hear the music but not always notice it as its made to blend. I was watching some video's on youtube and realised how much I missed having background music in everyday life! So i found a website which has all the background music from all the parks to listen to here!. Sad, I know but it makes me feel like I'm there again! Any excuse to talk about Disney!

Lisa x


  1. Good idea…my friend has just applied to do her business placement in Disney Land in America so we have disney songs playing in the house and car all the time atm…so we are sad too!
    Great blog, im now following!
    Would be cool if you could check mine out and maybe follow back too, I'm new to this so it would be a huge help!
    Lo xxx

  2. Love your blog! As much as i love disney blogs, theres never many written by people our age so thats what I LOVE about fashion blogs! I love all the photo's you include of your everyday life and special occasions. Do try to update as often as possible as thats when I see a jump in my page views! Good luck and i'll be sure to follow! Also what placement has your friend applied for? maybe the same one as i have! x

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