Friday, 11 November 2011

Face To Face Interview

Had my face to face interview at Newcastle this year, hadn't been there before and didn't realise how far north it was! Mum was kind enough to book my a hotel the night before as otherwise I would of have to of left at 4.30am! Was very similar to last year, quick presentation from the lovely people from Florida about the whole program. Jill, the recruiter, asked me lots of questions through the presentation as I had been there before and also spoke to a lot of other applicants as they had loads of question too! After that they scheduled my interview for 12.50pm so had time to get a coffee and speak to more people who had applied. It seems there was a lot more applicants this year which made me more nervous!

The interview itself went well, Jill was lovely and asked very general questions of why I wanted t go back and what I expected to gain. Also she had my report card from this year and was nice to hear that my manager had approved me for rehire! Now here comes the waiting game again as we have 3 more weeks until I hear back! Have also been looking at other placements incase Disney doesn't rehire me! Found some great ones in Canada and also off the coast of South Carolina in the states; which is only a 5 hour drive to Orlando!

Lisa x

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