Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Disney Video Games

Some may not know I love video games! Pc, Wii & Nintendo 3ds games to be exact. It may be childish but I love the Disney games for these my favourite being Epic Mickey for Wii which I did a whole post about here! The first one I want to discuss is Disney Universe for Wii (which I've already asked Mum to get me for christmas!). It looks really good, hopefully will be able to connect online to play against other gamers! You dress up as your favourite character and battle in disney themed worlds, check out the trailer.

Next is the new Disney game released for xbox360 (which I don't have!) it looks INCREDIBLE! Tempted to just buy a xbox just for this game! You basically walk around Disneyland (California park) and go on the rides, meet the characters, collect things and just basically be in the park! I can't wait to have a go on this! Take a look at the demo from D23 

Lisa x

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